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The Sage Jazz Combo's Explorations" CD

The next Very Live Band CD featuring Stephen Foster on drums
The Very Live Band is essentially a Collective dedicated to preserving and spreading the spirit of Jazz music, truly one of our greatest American cultural treasures. VLB's members are all musicians with decades of professional experience performing live and recording with acts in music styles ranging from Jazz to Rock to Pop to R&B, from George Benson, Elvin Jones, Sonny Stitt and Red Holloway to Robert Palmer, Phil Collins and Stevie Wonder, from Roberta Flack, Ashford & Simpson and Etta James to Earth Wind & Fire, Brothers Johnson and Billy Preston.

Most importantly, all of our members have been playing Jazz their entire adult lives and love nothing better than recording and performing all forms of Jazz, but especially Jazz derived from the traditional or swing-based (bebop) Jazz music of the 50's and 60's.

As traditional Jazz (once the commercial music of its day) has become increasingly less relevant commercially over the past several decades, we jazz musicians have made our living more and more of the time being involved with forms of music other than Jazz, particularly other than swing- or bebop-based Jazz. But our first musical love is Jazz, and that love smolders within us constantly, regardless of what we might be doing professionally at any given time.

The VLB Collective offers us an opportunity to do music recording projects motivated by nothing other than the pure love of music and the pure love of Jazz, an opportunity to PRIORITIZE this music which is our first love. Legendary Jazz pianist McCoy Tyner once told one of our members that his life priorities were: [1] Taking care of the basic business of life (family, religious/spiritual pursuits, etc.) and [2] "Finding the Next Good Note to Play". To this last priority, McCoy, we hereby dedicate ourselves!

We will be releasing a series of jazz recordings featuring various members of our Collective under several different group names, our first release is a Very Live Band EP entitled "Four For The Bebop". Click here for more.